Imagine An Edible Landscape

Imagine browsing in a food forest. Imagine an abundant and easy harvest woven into the fabric of human settlement. Imagine unused swimming pools as aquatic ecosystems producing fish for the table, air raid shelters growing gourmet mushrooms, the roofs and walls of public buildings dripping with food. Welcome to the world of Edible Landscape.

An industrial monoculture of wheat is energy comsumptive, chemically managed, near valueless to wildlife and a socially alienating place to be. By contrast edible landscapes designed using ecological principles are socially welcoming, organic, valuable to wildlife, energy productive and we believe, beautiful. These designed ecosystems simultaneously address climate change, peak oil and species loss.

Edible Landscape.co.uk is a permaculture design service based near Bath and Bristol. The name describes a core concern for food and food security. This concern extends beyond human needs to the requirement of all life for food. The availability of food is the most important aspect of habitat whether for wildlife or humanity. You can fill your garden full of nest boxes but only the presence of food will sustain breeding birds.

Aside from shiitake mushrooms and apples can you spot anything else which is highly nutritious?